Since 1997

Al-Anon in Area 89 (Saskatchewan) has a deep history of developing and encouraging Al-Anon groups focused on the needs of those who grew up in homes affected by the family disease of alcoholism. Journey to Serenity is our way of paying back to our Area 89 Al-Anon community and of celebrating the recovery we've found in the Al-Anon Family Groups.

Celebrating Recovery

Every year (almost) we hold a recovery event with first-class speakers from Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous, along with workshops, panels, meetings and fellowship. It's an annual celebration of recovery – that's why we call it a Festival!

Join Us

We purposely hold Journey to Serenity in smaller, more intimate venues, so that our participants can have the best possible opportunity for fellowship.

Previous Years

You can find recordings from our previous years below

Speakers                                        Workshops


Kickoff Speaker: Desiree A, Winnipeg
AA Speaker: Dawn D, Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Erik F, Los Angeles
4 By 10 Speakers


Kickoff Speaker: Jean H , Regina
AA Speaker: Bob O, Moose Jaw
Keynote Speaker: Sharon H, Prince Albert
4 By 10 Speakers: Gord Janet, Mark and Dean
3 Speaker Panel


Kickoff Speaker: Erin L.
AA Speaker: Carolyne R.
Keynote Speaker: Karen K., Winnipeg, MB


Kickoff Speaker: Jenny B., Regina
AA Speaker: Joel
Keynote Speaker: Beverly B., Dallas, TX
Panel: The Three A's
4 By 10 Speakers


Kickoff Speaker: Ritchard I., Winnipeg, MB
AA Speaker: Mike M., Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Jack C., Sylmar, CA


Kickoff Speaker: David K.
AA Speaker: Garnet W.
Keynote Speaker: Sarah R.
Panel: Came to Believe
3 By 10 Minute Speakers


Kickoff Speaker: Bryson J., Los Angles CA
AA Speaker: Sean C.
Keynote Speaker: Gerry V.(Disc 1 & Disc 2)
4 By 10 Speakers


Kickoff Speaker: Nick L., Los Angeles
AA Speaker: Michelle R., Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Kathy H., Cincinnati, OH
4 By 10 Speakers(Shelley M., Stacey P., Bruce M., Bill M, Ian B.)
Together We Can Make It (Mark C., Joy B)


AA Speaker: Sandy L., Superior WI
Keynote Speaker: Chuck L., Superior, WI


Kickoff Speaker: Charlie W. Westfield, Massachusetts
AA Speaker: Al H., Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Magdalena E., Seattle, WA
4 By 10 Speakers(Micki J., Rhonda M., Louise B., Hartley J.)
More 4 By 10 Speakers(James M., Phyllis G., Kim M., Rochelle I.)


Kickoff Speaker: Kitty R. Carlsbad, California
AA Speaker: Ron W., Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Sherry S., Virginia Beach, VA
4 By 10 Speakers(Michelle H., Lanna V., Alia H., Margaret P.)
More 4 By 10 Speakers(Terry S., Scott, Ian B., Ruthann T.)


Kickoff Speaker: Josiah B. La Canada, California
AA Speaker: Judith R
Saturday Morning Al-Anon Speaker: Barb L., Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Ellen C., Dallas, TX
4 By 10 Speakers(Lori P. / George S. / Emmet J. / Carynne K.)


Kickoff Speaker: John P. Saskatoon
AA Speaker: Jacquie M.
Saturday Morning Al-Anon Speaker: Carynne K. Saskatoon
Keynote Speaker: Larcine G., Los Angeles, CA
NOTE: The last 14 minutes of this track became corrupted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but the first 51 minutes is excellent.

4 By 10 Speakers(Lori P. / George S. / Emmet J. / Carynne K.)


Kickoff Speaker: Ben R. Saskatoon
AA Speaker: Randy M. Saskatoon
Saturday Morning Al-Anon Speaker: Judy H., LLoydminster
Keynote Speaker: Rick J., Toronto Part 1 & Part 2