October 12 And 13, 2018
Sandman Inn
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada


Acceptance Workshop

Laughter Yoga


From Grief to Gifts Workshop (Linda B., Jenny B.)


The Road to Reality: A Workshop on Honesty (Kim M., Michelle R.)

Shaking the Family Tree: The Family Disease of Alcoholism (Gerry, Tammy, Bill, Bryson)

Taking the High Road: Applying these Principles in All Our Affairs (Frankie S.)


Steps 1-6:(Gilles P., Christina B.)

Step 7 - 12: (Blair G, Sharon P.)

Communication: (Karen K. & Ritchard I.)

Sponsorship Workshop:(Kathy H.)


The Family Disease of Alcoholism:(Richard I.)

Using the Steps:(Madgalena E.)

Screwed Up Slogans:(Charlie W.)


Practicing These Principles:(Richard I.)

Progress Not Perfection:(Sherry S.)

Promises for Recovery:(Kitty R.)


LET GO OR BE DRAGGED:Using Steps 1, 2 &3 to Avoid Spiritual Road Rash (Richard I.)

SHARING THE ROAD:A Workshop on Relationships (Ellen C.)

GET A GUIDE... BE A GUIDE:The Sponsorship Relationship (Josiah B.)

CLAIMING YOUR SIDE OF THE ROAD:A Workshop on Boundaries (Ian B.)


WHAT AM I TAKING WITH ME?:A Workshop on Inventory (Ritchard I.)

LIGHTENING THE LOAD:A Workshop on Forgiveness (Sharon P.)

THE WAITING ROOM:A Panel Discussion by Larcine G., Sharon P., John S. (AA), and Mary V.


TRAVELLING COMPANIONS:Applying the Traditions in our Love Relationships (Karen K. & Ritchard I.)

FINDING A GUIDE:A Workshop on Sponsorship (Rick J.)